Languitecture Project (2015 – 2016)

Originals: Highs, Hards, Smooths, Scrapes (2016)

4 Kinetic Sound Sculptures; various materials

Iteration I: Flat Mountain, High Mountain (2016)

Drawing on paper1: 48x77cm: Animation1: 00:10min                                                             Drawing on paper2: 48x77cm; Animation2:  00:08min

Iteration II: Whispers (2016)

5 thread drawings on newspaper; various sizes; 1 animation with sound, 2:02min

Iteration III: Nesting (2016)

Kinetic Sound Installation

Canvas, threads and motor (400mm x 500mm)

Iteration IV: Stutter (2016)

Kinetic Sound Installation

drumhead, metal rods, motor