Von Mustern, die sich erzählen

Von Mustern, die sich erzählen (Of patterns narrating themselves), 2017        
Acoustic objects, 2017

Von Mustern, die sich erzählen (7 HZ) 183,5x171x16cm; Handwoven peruvian wool-blanket, wool threads, wood, motor, sound
Von Mustern, die sich erzählen (50 HZ) 248x206x15cm; royal bed-cover, wool and polyester threads, wood, motor, Arduino circuit board

Thousands of threads are pulled over the stretched blankets and with the aid of a motor mechanism dozens are constantly moving, rubbing against the fabric. A soft sound is created. The materiality of the threads as well as their run are reflecting the social-historical context of the found blankets. The slow movement and soft material of the woolen threads create a whispering sound that forces viewers to approach the work

The object series deals with the process of storytelling and processes this originally aural, mutable tradition – which defines itself in textiles as a binding pattern – back into acoustic narratives.

08. March 2018 by Lisa Premke
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