Nesting Lisa Premke Detail Languitecture
Nesting Lisa Premke Detail Languitecture
Nesting Lisa Premke Languitecture
Nesting Lisa Premke Languitecture
Languitecture Iterations

Languitecture is a project by Nadine Hattom, Joe Hornby, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan and Eduardo Suarez; a year-long process to explore interconnections of the four mother-tongues Spanish, Arabic, English and German. Each work is within a circle of iteration, passed on by the other artists.


 Flat Mountain, High Mountain, 2017
Drawing on paper1: 48x77cm; Animation1: 00:10min; Drawing on paper2: 48x77cm; Animation2:  00:08min

Do original names of places correlate to their physical presence, e.g a mountain size/shape correlates to what it would sound like if it could speak? A place is being named, trying to attribute all the qualities phonetically and when the landscape changes or the word travels, it becomes much more of a word-object and looses the phonetic connection to the place.

 Whispers, 2017
5 thread drawings on newspaper, various sizes; 1 animation with sound, 2:02min

The thread drawings visualize frequency changes of sound waves when they bounce off one or two surfaces and relate it to how a sentence changes meaning when playing the telephone game.


 Nesting, 2017
Threads on canvas, Motor, Sound

Metal rods, Motor, drum skin (round), sound;   drawing: Metal rods woven into paper (morse code)