Echo Echo

The performative installation in a former underground water reservoir is leaning on the story of Echo and Narcissus. For the eight soprano opera singers, I composed a four acts for the specific space- which has a incredible long reverberation. The tunnel-like round space is divided in 32 open chambers. In every 4th chamber one singer was placed and only them and their chambers were illuminated. The audience moved through the space, passing the singers closely.
In the first act the singers each sing continuously one note of the tonal ladder (CDEFGABC). While the viewer moves within the space, the tonal ladder is made audible through his/her movement, like being a play button.
The second act are alterations of intonation.
The third part places the singers in front of 6 metal sheets, singing for several minutes as high as they can. Because of the large metal plates in the back, the high frequencies repeat, enhance or cancel each other out – the sound waves tangle in the outer ear of the audience and it becomes physical.

In the last act, each of the six plates starts moving, pulling the metal and creating a drop sound.

2013; Site-specific Performance/ Installation
Size variable; opera singers, metal plates, metal, motors, sound