Thick skin

Thick skin, 2014

Sound Installation
400cmx400cm; linden seed pods, music, sound plinth

Together with the incredible artist duo Gethan&Myles this collaboration piece was made for the Kosice White night, 2014.

The social seclusion was rather dominant during the residency and apart from all somehow working with language, I think this work also reflects on the connections we desire to have and the disconnections we feel towards the other nonetheless. The 2173 linden seed pods, the dancing seed sound sculpture and the entry with Blind Lemon Jefferson’s song ‘I want to be like Jesus in my heart’ intend to remind of these disconnections. Both elements of the installation physically force a certain approach from the audience; around the linden circle the audience needs to behave calm and with considerable distance not to destroy the fragile positioning while the plinth asks to bow, step close and only gives a slight possibility to see and listen how the seeds dance/drum. The Linden seeds are the number of fatalities in the Palestine/Israel conflict during our residency period. These conflicts feel interchangeable from far away, so using a common european natural product also poses the question if we dare, want or should link ourselves to the other and take responsibility of what happens outside of our familiar environment.
Thick skin was developed during a three month residency in Slovakia at k.a.i.r. and wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Goethe Institut in Bratislava.

19. January 2015 by Lisa Premke
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