The chapel

The chapel, 2011

Site-specific Sound Installation
600cm x 200cm x 220cm /fabric, wood, sound, mixed media

‘The chapel’ is an architectonic sound installation made according to the existing architecture of a gallery space. Large canvases close the open space over two floors until the ceiling and only the two great towers of the neighboring building are seen through the rooftop windows. Behind the canvases are two walls of speakers facing inwards. The sounds of microphones that are placed throughout the gallery in front of other works of art are fed back directly to multiple channels in the speaker wall. When the visitor enters the gallery through the work, he hears the snippets of conversation and noise of the exhibition rooms behind. You can hear the show before you see it. The speakers are set on a very low level so one needs to get close to the  canvas. One listens to the interior of the gallery, similar to a confession room.

24. September 2013 by Lisa Premke
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