Traffic Orchestra

In close cooperation with musicians, the music performance pieces are composed to incorporate traffic noise as an instrument – to see if we able to understand our noise surrounding as music.

For the performance, the musicians have predetermined rhythms, but improvise and react to sounds during the performance, e.g. certain car horns or opening doors, and integrate them into their playing.
They play with local everyday objects (towels/brooms/gloves) on surfaces in public space.

Many thanks go to the great Pei Chi and all the amazing drummers of Dhunn- The Drum Circle in Pune.

Traffic Orchestra: Towels (Pune); 2019; Musikperformance 15min; Video 1:06min, Sound




Traffic Orchestra: Brooms (Pune); 2019; Musikperformance 20min; Video 2:52min, Sound




Traffic Orchestra: Gloves (Berlin); 2021; Musikperformance 25min; Video 8:28min, Sound