Languitecture, 2016 ongoing

Hards (German); 135x15x15cm, Ø 15-120cm; wood, motor, Arduino motor control
Highs (English); 41x41x10, ø 82-104cm;  Sawing blades, plastic coffee stirrers, motor
Scrapes (Arabic); 50x70x10cm; Sandpaper discs, wood, motors
Smooths (Spanish); 20x50x40cm; Paint brushes, metal plate, carpet, wood, motor



Languitecture is a study of the languages English, German, Spanish and Arabic. How is a language perceived in an acoustic sense and what socio-historic circumstances settle a language in a certain frequency range? The sound sculptures use movement of different materials to make specific characteristic of each language visible; e.g. the velocity, intonation, use of consonants, frequency range or the utilization of vocal cords, etc..



Languitecture is a project by Nadine Hattom, Joe Hornby, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan and Eduardo Suarez; a year-long process to explore interconnections of the four mother-tongues Spanish, Arabic, English and German.


02. March 2017 by Lisa Premke
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