hide&amplify, 2015

Size variable; speaker-backpacks/ wood /microphones/ amplifiers/ singing boys

Hide & Amplify is a permanent interactive installation and vocal performance with six speaker-backpacks and six young singers who are spread around the room, singing one by one against the wall. Like a Chinese whispers, each slightly changes the tune or intonation when its his turn. In the performance, the desire of being noticed publicly is mixed and compared with the aural behaviors of the private. The performers sing in microphones against the wall, hiding their faces from the audience, and each have a speaker-backpack on his back. However, they do not sing in their own speaker backpack, but each in a different one of a singer in the other end of the room. This way, every singer carries the acoustic load of another co-performer.




Part of the solo-exhibition ‘cosmic construction’ at the weisser elefant, Berlin.


22. May 2015 by Lisa Premke
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