Flossie & Adel ‘Flossie & Adel’ was the artist synonym of the collective Lisa Premke and Lena von Döhren. From 2005 – 2009, they worked with a collection of more than 500 speakers – using them as bricks to build landscapes, figures or shapes for interactive audio plays. With up to 36 single mono channels […]

Skinned, Dance Performance by Mirjam Gurtner Space concept/ Sound design The Swiss Choreographer Mirjam Gurtner created this piece about control, safety and the unfamiliar. Taken place in different settings such as gallery spaces or dance stages, the stage and sound design is always site specific –  bearing in mind that for this piece, the risk-taking and desire for control […]

Back to the temple of the sun,  2014, Feature film by Marco Pando Music/ Sound design/ Editing Experimental road movie follows in the tracks of Tintin, who set off with Captain Haddock to Peru in the comic-strip album The Temple of the Sun (Le temple du soleil, 1949) to liberate Professor Calculus from the claws of the […]


° Exhibition-series, 2013 Berlin Exhibition-series in ‘hidden’ places of Berlin initiated/organized with Marco Pando, Nadine Hattom, Franziskus Nakajima, Tom Backe Rassmussen, Abe Rechterschot and Nana Kreft  Other Shadows Embrace Mountains, Oct. 2013 Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Cave dwellers, Aug. 2013 Maschinenräume Stadtbad Steglitz, Berlin ——————————– ° Back to the temple of the sun, 2013 Amsterdam/Peru […]