Traffic Orchestra

          Traffic Orchestra In close cooperation with musicians, the music performance pieces are composed to incorporate traffic noise as an instrument – to see if we able to understand our noise surrounding as music. For the performance, the musicians have predetermined rhythms, but improvise and react to sounds during the performance, e.g. certain car horns […]

The aesthetics of heritage

The aesthetics of heritage The ‘aesthetics of heritage’ plays with the original use of the voice and a communication without human language; investigating the natural and sophisticated voice control and trying to teach one to mimic the other. The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a breed between German Shepard and wolf that, in experiment of the army […]

Von Mustern, die sich erzählen

Von Mustern, die sich erzählen (Of patterns narrating themselves) Thousands of threads are pulled over the stretched blankets and with the aid of a motor mechanism dozens are constantly moving, rubbing against the fabric. A soft sound is created. The materiality of the threads as well as their run are reflecting the social-historical context of […]


                   Gestalten Mirjam Gurtner developed the durational dance performance Gestalten with the Forward Dance Company (Theater Lofft) in the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig. The site specific piece took place on three levels of the monument – for which I developed the spatial and sonic design.Throughout the monument five videos are […]


                   Soft Power: Brushes With the help of motors, the objects rotate in different rhythms. The friction of the various special cleaning materials on the wall creates different noises and leaves circular traces of dirt.
The sound, or rather the movement, of all the objects is programmed in interaction and appears partly random, partly musical or […]

glatt glatt glatt

                   glatt, glatt, glatt Fishing lines of various thicknesses are stretched on metal frames. With the help of a small motor, a reed rotates on the entire back of the frame and plucks the strings. The sound varies in the different objects and is related to the thickness of the fishing lines, their arrangement and […]

Tickle, Tingle, Titilate

                   Tickle, Tingle, Titilate Different moving sculptures and photographes of special gloves. They are touching surfaces repeatedly, sometimes soft like stroking, sometimes roughly and the sounds will change accordingly. . .   . .


                   lache         The object can be moved. By tilting it slightly, over 4000 red glass marbles roll across the surface, hitting each other and against the rail. Lache was developed for the Lehrte multi-storey car park and installed between the third and fourth floors. 2021Site-specific performative sound object13mx6m; Glass marbles, multi-skin sheets, […]


                   träger  Up to eight women attempt to move large industrial parts acoustically and rhythmically for a short period of time with the help of a choreographer. Each of the 5 objects is pulled by a different body part, for which specially designed harnesses have been created. The various materials of the objects collide with […]

Sonic City Gym

                   Sonic City Gym    Various objects in public spaces are repurposed as instruments. Specific harnesses and body straps are made for each location, allowing the performer to execute classical physical fitness exercises, move/lift/push objects (such as manhole covers), and create sound rhythms. Videos were previously recorded at the same location and then projected onto the […]


. .    Soft Power: Neighbours Some of the 70 carpet rolls are driven by motors. The pressure of the surrounding rolls causes the other rolls to start spinning as well. The speed of the rotation depends on the proximity, stability and movement of the neighbouring rolls.The friction of the different materials against each other […]

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sit stand lie / push pull stroke

        sit stand lie / push pull stroke Objects and dancers wear microphones. The objects can be moved by the audience. All soundtracks are simultaneously transmitted live, the audience wears wireless headphones. The series of objects was developed during Covid-19’s protective measures regarding distancing. It is  a joint research with choreographer Mirjam Gurtner about different states of play […]

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Adlershof Journal, Print and Online Publication, 2018 (english and german)     Exhibition @ Goldrausch 2017, Studio1 Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin   Here’s my new Catalogue ‘Zwischen Lauten’ !  Designed by the great Delia Keller (Gestaltung Berlin) and with a beautiful text by … Continue reading

Languitecture Iterations Languitecture is a project by Nadine Hattom, Joe Hornby, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan and Eduardo Suarez; a year-long process to explore interconnections of the four mother-tongues Spanish, Arabic, English and German. Each work is within a circle of iteration, passed on by the other artists.    Flat Mountain, High Mountain, 2017 Drawing on paper1: […]


.                Possibilities Acoustic space possibilities series of 5 drawings; various sizescoal/ pencil/ watercolour on bleached Romanian architecture silk screen prints (1960) 4 drawings; various sizes;newspaper/pencil/ watercolor/thread on newspaper cut-outs 2014- .        Space Possiblities Cine 4 drawings; various sizes;newspaper/pencil/ watercolor/thread on newspaper cut-outs

.              Asymmetrische Information The metal plates on the ground are covered with 1000 magnets that keep the 1000 needles, which are hanging on sewing threads from the ceiling slightly above the plate, centered. Repetitively, three motors are pushing the long metal plate slightly up, the needles touch their magnet, create […]

.                 Living Architectural Details Cosmic construction 2015200cmx80cmx80cm Greaseproof paper/ wood/ desk fans .        .        Incidental monotony 2015   size variable Ventilator/ fishing rods/ metal stick .       

.              Die Enge des Charakters 2015, Acoustic Object 300x280x150cmmetal plates, motors, wood, Sound .         

.          hide & amplify A permanent interactive installation and vocal performance of six young singers with six speaker-backpacks. The choir boys are spread around the room, singing one by one against the wall. Like Chinese whispers, each slightly changes the tune or intonation when its his turn.Each performer has a speaker-backpack […]

  Thick skin was developed during a three month residency in Slovakia at k.a.i.r. and wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Goethe Institut in Bratislava. Thick skin 2014 Together with the incredible artist duo Gethan&Myles this collaboration piece was developed for the Kosice White night, 2014. The 2173 linden seed pods are laid in […]

Lost cinemas

‘Lost cinemas’, 2010, Serie von 12/ 14cm x 14cm/ Papier Cut-Outs     In den 1930’er Jahren erlebte Großbritannien einen starken Anstieg an neuen Kinobauten, von denen viele mit der Zeit verloren gehen oder umfunktioniert worden. Die Fassaden dieser besonderen Konstruktionen sind hier schablonenartig festgehalten  

.          Untitled (Plattenbau) The temporary piece was made during a one month residency in Hoyerswerda, a former mining town in East Germany. Almost all of the especially for workers constructed Plattenbauten (building made from prefabricated slabs), as well as this one, were being demolished due to a drastic negative growth of […]